Happy children mean happy parents. See what our parents have to say about us.

“Childcare 4 U Beaconsfield is a fantastic nursery. My daughter has thrived since being there and I am encouraged at how much she has developed and been cared for whilst attending. Staff are proactive, passionate and do fantastic learning and creative activities with the children, all of which you are updated on regularly via an app by the staff. The manager is flexible, hands-on and personally knows every child that attends which drives a real sense of community for the children and parents that attend. Her staff constantly update on the nursery’s progress, your child’s and what they have done on a daily basis with updates and photos. I am really thrilled I chose this nursery for my daughter and would recommend the nursery, manager and her staff to any other parent who is looking for a nursery for their child in the Beaconsfield area.”


“I honestly cannot rate this nursery highly enough. The staff work so hard and take so much pride in their work. You can tell that they really enjoy their job, which makes it easy for me to leave my little girl in their care.  There is such a lovely, bright, fun and caring vibe within the nursery each day and this is both at drop off and at the end of the day at pick up too.  The range of activities they provide the children is wonderful too. Really happy we discovered Childcare 4 U. Keep up the great work!” Karen Wyn Griffith

“My daughter has been in the Beaconsfield Childcare4U pre-prep class for just over a month now and she is LOVING it! We have just moved countries and she has had to adapt to a different climate, culture and school. She seems to us to be happier here in this school than she was in her previous school. We have found the staff particularly caring and empathetic when she is dropped off and occasionally has a little separation anxiety.

She is also loving the teachers, fellow classmates and particularly loves the food. She comes to school chatting about what she will do and all the way home enthusiastically shares stories of what she has done at school, and the fun experiments her ‘key person’ has done with her.”

“All the staff are fantastic; the way they engage with the children, their smiles and they are always happy to see you and tell you about my child’s day!”

“My child is cared for by great carers who take time to understand their individual needs to develop them to their potential”

“I have viewed many nurseries over the past few months to try and find the right one for my son who is 20 months old and this nursery is just perfect. I knew straight away he would be in a happy, warm environment. It has that homely feel and is so clean! I have met a few members of staff so far and they are all so lovely and welcoming. Already my little boy’s eating and speech have progressed so much and he always comes home so happy which, to me, tells me he’s having lots of fun. There is an app that the nursery use to update parents of what their child is up to throughout the day with photos, what meals they have had, nap times and nappy changes etc. To be able to log on and see what he’s up to is fantastic. The manager has been my point of contact so far and she has provided a great professional service, nothing is ever too much which I really appreciate so thank you! Thank you also to all the staff for working so hard keeping our children safe during this pandemic.”

“My girls were settled in another nursery but I wasn’t convinced they were being stimulated enough. Childcare 4 U was recommended to us by a friend and after visiting, we took the tough decision to take them out of their old setting and move them over. It’s a decision I have not regretted! My girls, aged 1 and 3, love coming here. It is a lively and exciting environment and they are both coming on in leaps and bounds. Thank you!” Lyn McCormach

“My daughter attends Childcare 4 U Beaconsfield and is currently in the Toddler Room.
The staff are very welcoming and friendly and I feel more than happy to leave my daughter in their care. I feel comfortable knowing she is safe and well cared for.

She has great relationships with her carers and I always receive a very detailed and personal handover.

She absolutely loves her time at nursery and can’t wait to tell me all about her day when she’s collected.

A massive thank you to the staff for making each day an enjoyable experience for both myself and my daughter.”

“My child always comes home very happy from nursery, and it is great to know he is enjoying his play and learning with his friends. He always has a lot to say and I’m pleased he’s confident to share this outside of home!”

“Couldn’t be happier with the childcare and the team that look after my child. There is an excellent team here and it’s a pleasure leaving my child with them every day. My child is very happy and settled, which in turn makes me happy”

“Childcare 4 U Beaconsfield is a lovely setting for every child. The staff are fantastic and so helpful at all times. My child attends the pre-school Pre-Prep room at this nursery which is a beautiful newly refurbished room with lots of new equipment and learning toys. I could not recommend this nursery enough :-)”

“Noticed an improvement from an already great nursery when new Managers came through.”

“My child has been attending Childcare 4 U since she was 10 months old and has enjoyed every step of the way. She has recently moved up to Pre-prep and is loving being there. All the staff are great and care so well for the children. They are all so happy every morning at drop off and give a comprehensive explanation each day when I pick her up to what she has been up to and what she ate (usually two helpings!) I will always recommend Childcare 4 U to any new parent, they have been wonderful with mine. My second is due to start the baby room in August and I know she is going to love it as much. I have no hesitation or worry leaving either child with the staff they are all brilliant. Keep up the good work!” Anna Taylor

“As a grandmother who has worked in the childcare sector for numerous years, I can’t rate this nursery highly enough. The kind and caring staff are in tune with the children’s needs and provide a safe environment for them. The recent investment to the nursery has been well received by the children at this wonderful setting.”

“The staff are caring, friendly and obviously form strong bonds with the children. My two love going to nursery and are always talking about their teacher interactions.”

“My child loves coming to nursery and we are happy that she has settled in so well. We feel comfortable that she is well cared for everyday and we are very grateful to the staff”

“…I’ve sent 3 children to this nursery over the last 8 years and I must say, the nursery is a nicer environment than what it was…”